Business owners, is this you?

Do you have your Controller, Operations Manager and/or your Admin Assistant handling all of your company’s Human Resource tasks? Or maybe you are doing it yourself and really wish you could spend this time growing your business. If this is you, let me start by first stating I completely understand the need to keep internal costs low to generate as much profit for your business as you can. With that said, is there an inner dialog going on warning you that you may not be able to continue with this practice much longer?

If this is you or someone you know, I’m glad you’re here because I can help you and your company handle all of those tasks that get spread among your senior leadership team and possibly put assistant-business-career-employee-41254.jpegtogether at the last minute. Having someone dedicated to work solely on special projects such as putting together a team building event or updating your company’s website, intranet, handbook, job descriptions and all of the little things that fall under human resources can alleviate stress for everyone involved. Especially when it comes time for health insurance open enrollment. This is often one of the busiest times of the year anyway, without employment related tasks added on as the final quarter begins.

I can be as involved as needed in coordinating your health insurance/wellness activities and offer support to employees who have questions about how to enroll or better explain coverage options, terms or discounts that your broker may not provide. Whatever it is that is bogging down your team, let me help! You owe yourself and your leaders the time back in their day to do their jobs to the best of their ability each day and not be burdened with additional tasks that are best done by an experienced HR Manager.

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